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The Sad Plight of Santa Claus

The Mispent Youth of Santa Claus


The Sad Plight of Santa Claus

Dec. 23, 2017
Unfortunately for the children the hero of the season, an elderly gentleman who commonly is known as “Santa Claus,” is having no end of trouble with the notorious ICE police. For one thing, although his original documents seem to have gotten lost during one of Earth’s chronic wars, the evidence seems to indicate that he was born somewhere in Iran.
       Another cause for friction with the authorities has to do with his former position, before he assumed his present name. Santa Claus is, as most people know, a foreshortened form of Saint Nicholas. However in his youth and indeed, until he was quite well along in years, he went by the name of Mithra, or Mithras in the Greco-Roman world. He worked for a couple of centuries as the God of the Roman Empire, until the Christians conquered. After Jesus became the Pantocrator there were no openings for any other Gods, so Mithras found himself compelled to take up a trade.
       Back in his younger and more energetic days, he also gained quite a reputation as a bullfighter. Statues of him may be found all through Southern Europe and Anatolia, wearing a cape and his trademark santa-claus hat, and often very little else. He has a sword in his hand and the bull which he has just killed is usually seen lying at his feet.
       The story that he had to bring gifts to the children each year to make up for the children he killed when he was a God is probably religious propaganda. There is really no evidence to indicate that living human children were ever sacrificed to Mithras. Nevertheless, his devotees did put up a long and brutal struggle against the rising influence of the new God whom the Greco-Romans called Jesus.

Meanwhile, Back in Iran

On the other hand, the Magi who brought gifts that enabled the hejira of the Holy Family were probably in their own way devotees of Mithra. The reason I say “in their own way” is that these Three Magi were learned adherents of the faith of Zarathustra.

       Archaeologists have never found a statue of Mithra killing the bull in Persia, and most likely never will. All of the carvings, mosaics, or other impressions of Mithra’s Tauroctony have been found in connection with works that were constructed by the Romans.

       It is something of a mystery, how Mithras became the God of the Empire. The Persian Zoroastrians had venerated Mithra as the embodiment of their sacred covenant; the presence of Mitra as the God of Light in the Vedas demonstrates that this figure was around long before the advent of Zardosht. But the Greeks and Romans were always at war with the Persians.

       According to late Zoroastrian sources, Alexander and his armies attempted to exterminate the religion. Since Alexander did not rule Persia long enough to have attempted such a task if he had desired to, it is likely that his name covers for the total effect of a successive line of Selucid rulers who all did their best to repress the Native religion.

      Despite the best efforts of rulers like Antiochus IV and his military thugs, the faith of Zardosht not only survived but became the foundation of the Parthian kingdom which drove out the former Greek overlords. Beyond that, even in Anatolia, where the Greeks continued to rule, kings demonstrated their fascination with the Persophile cult by adopting the name ‘Mithradates.’ Nevertheless, modern scholars question whether the Roman worship of Mithras had anything in common with the Mithra of the Persians, aside from the name.

New Age when the New Age Was Pisces

The most likely explanation for Roman Mithraism is that it was the New Age religion of its time. Foiled in their effort to eradicate the Ethical Religion of Zarathustra, the Greek Kings and their Roman successors did everything they could to appropriate its power. Their opinion that Mithra was the primary culture-hero of the Persians may well have derived from the role of Mithra as the Lord of Covenants and Contracts. Once the Greeks found it necessary to negotiate once again with an ethnically Persian power, they would observe how Mithra was invoked whenever the Persians signed a peace treaty.
       As a personification of the Zoroastrian covenant, Mithra bound the followers of Zarathustra together in a relationship of holy love. This aspect of the Persian deity seems to have been lost on the imperialistic Romans, who seem to have preferred to develop a personal relationship with a God who could take them to high places. It is indeed curious how this need for an unconquerable Divine Ego emerged from a culture which, in its Republican phase, had served Gods who had exerted themselves to preserve and defend the Roman community.
       This shift from community values to a faith in an Unconquered Ego which symbolized itself as Sol Invictus, is probably the key to appreciating the difference between Mithra in his original Zoroastrian context, and the “New Age” cult of Mithra which became the State Religion of The Empire at a critical stage in its history.
       It could be that this shift was the harbinger of a trend towards self-reliance, individualism, and capitalistic social organization that would be the hallmark of the Western societies 1500 years later. But reliance on an ethic of the ego, however adapted to the mentality of the military, was a weakness which kept Mithraeism from being able to either compete or co-exist with the new faith in the Infant whom the gifts of the Three Zoroastrians had saved from Herod’s bloody dynastic purge.

Magi on a Civilizing Mission

       This triumph of ego over community values may very likely have been the result of the reliance, by the wealthy men who controlled public affairs, on slaves – not only for menial labor but also for the fulfilment of their more intimate desires. There is nevertheless, reason to believe that in the earlier Hellenistic phases of co-optation, Mithraesm had not been entirely disconnected from the influence of its parent religion.
       The Three Magi whose gifts enabled the hejira of the holy family were very likely on a civilizing mission similar to that of Vivakenanda and the other East Indian teachers who introduced the perennial philosophy to the conquering British.
       Nevertheless in the long run, the fact that the priests of Mithras depended on a class of egotistic and ambitious Romans for their economic base determined that the cult of Mithras in the Empire would take a different course than in Persia, where the Zoroastrian priests found themselves responsible for maintaining sufficient cohesion and goodwill among the believers that a kingdom of Zoroastrian Pathans (Parthians) could not only liberate Iran from the Greeks, but could continue to sustain itself in the face of repeated assaults by ambitious Romans like Crassus.

image of Mithra & Associated Godlings: from Wikipedia, Louvre Museum [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (]

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The Throne of Cesare Borgia

The Throne of Cesare Borgia

The Blood that Lives on in the Soil

Sept 29, 2017
On the hurricane-lashed hillsides of Puerto Rico, the blood oozes up from the soil.
    It is blood that has been there a long time. It is blood that remembers the extortions of Columbus and the rascally company that was waiting for him to return from these Caribbean islands with gold to reward their investments. It is blood that remembers how Native peoples were admonished to turn from the Native faith than had made them so gentle, and compelled to deliver their prayers to an icon which claimed to be an image of Jesus the Christ, but which was actually a portrait of Cesare Borgia.
    It is in the nature of the blood that is seeping from the inundated hillsides to urge the Puerto Rican people to want to build again. Ever since the landing of the Philistine pirates under the command of Christopher Columbus, Puerto Rico has become overly acquainted with recurrent catastrophes. But the blood that is seeping shall also ensure that what is rebuilt shall be different from everything that has gone before.

A Carnival Hosted by Demons

     For one thing, ever since the day when the Dominicans arrived with Columbus, the throne of Cesare Borgia has been a heavy weight upon the soul of Puerto Rico. The Throne of Cruelty arrived in Puerto Rico with the second voyage of  Columbus. From that moment on, the fortunes of the Native Taino people descended into a flume of genocidal catastrophe.
      Heroic warriors bought their people a little time – but Comandante Ponce de Leon was as ruthless as the pounce of the lion for which he had been named.
      The propensity of Juan Ponce de Leon and his underlings for cutting off peoples’ hands, demonstrates that they were the descendants in spirit, if not in the actual flesh, of the notorious Umayyads. In fact, Juan Ponce de Leon was a Crude Oil Brother. In his time, since men had not yet discovered how to extract blood from the earth, and since in consequence they had no Crude Oil with which to perform their pollutions, they had to burn living human beings instead.
      It should therefore come as no surprise that, after they had killed all the men and raped all the women on the island, these Crude Oil Brothers should cause the scene of their crimes, this island which we now call Puerto Rico to become the center of the Most Catholic Inquisition in the Western Hemisphere.
      Even after their abominations had brought the nation of Spain down to the most abject humiliation, the Crude Oil Brothers persisted in blazing trails through the most tangled thickets of injustice. In order to understand how they were able to get away with this, it is necessary to understand a very Satanic doctrine which was conjured up by the same series of Anti-Popes whose perversion of religious principles drove Martin Luther to declare a revolution against the Catholic Order. It is a most curious thing that even though the Protestant nations repudiated almost every other sophistry of the papists, this Satanic Doctrine of Discovery not only survived the Protestant Reformation, but was destined to become the foundation upon which American real estate law erected its superstructure.
      It really should be called, The Doctrine of Satanic Possession.

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When The Alien Saucer Abducted the Green Man


Gone Down Off the Emerald Isle

Jan. 20, 2017

          Having survived a distressing year of transmogrified moguls, I now find myself looking down on the earth from a different perspective. I am no longer so disturbed about being driven so far from my comfort zone, because I now can see, this is happening to everyone.

          Something about the way that the Crude Oil Bros. are managing the final gunpowder empire is becoming very disturbing to anyone who has the capacity to reflect.

          It has been almost a century now since Yeats wrote that “the center cannot hold.”2 Just over a century ago, in May of 1915 the sinking of the Lusitania galvanized the political consciousness of America. Subsequent events, including the Black Tom explosion in which German agents detonated a Jersey City ammunition depot, and the sinking of the SS Sussex, conspired to haul America on a sleigh ride down the slippery slope until, in 1917, the text of the Zimmerman telegram provided President Wilson a pretext for asking Congress for a declaration of war.

          They say that the unfinished business comes back a century later to be redressed. This time around the Lusitania that has gone down is the ship of political confidence. Ironically, this erosion of government confidence may bring the issue secretly broached in the Zimmerman telegram back into the arena of public discussion.

          Before the War of 1845, the border between the United States and Mexico had been the Arkansas River. The Zimmerman telegram bears evidence that not all foreign governments regarded that acquisition as legitimate. The elected presidential candidate has promised that he will compel the Mexicans to build a wall on their side of the border. The Zimmerman telegram may end up being used as evidence that the wall should be built along the old 1840's border, which was in the southern part of what is now the state of Kansas.

          Back in 1917, the very idea of re-conquering Texas and New Mexico seemed ridiculous, even to the Mexican high command. But the notion might not seem so far fetched, after the scandals and debacles being

engineered by the Crude Oil Bros., their neo-Nazi lackeys, and the foreign intelligence agencies with whom these traitors conspire, have had time to do what they can to tear the Great Western Republic apart.

Remembering the Green Knight
          There’s some who will assert that the Green Knight was last seen in New Mexico in 1916. That was when Pancho Villa’s band was chased back across the border by the U.S. Cavalry under the command of General Black Jack Pershing. It is perhaps on this account that the Great Western Republic has been saddled with a government which does not seem to know what it is doing, and only seems to be effective when it is moving to squeeze the people into submission.
          The Mexican people have historically had a certain difficulty in accepting that New Mexico has now become the real estate of the palefaced Gringos. This is the reason the Zimmerman telegram played such a significant role in catapulting the Great Western Republic into declaring war on the Austrian Empire, and their German allies as well. General Black Jack Pershing was recalled from chasing Pancho Villa through the Mexican countryside, to lead an expedition into Europe. Once the Americans attacked the Germans directly, the Mexicans realized they had nothing to gain and everything to lose. So the Zimmerman telegram was rejected rather decisively by the Mexican government, which subsequently came to an “Understanding” with that other American government in Washington D.C.
The Green Knight is Enigmatic
          The Green Man is, in all of his manifestations, enigmatic. He appears as the defender of nature and of the people and, indeed, the principality which places limits on anything that seriously disrupts the natural order of things. He represents the survival of an earlier pagan awareness, but is paradoxically also identified with the Israelite prophet Elijah. Elijah, we discover, exhibits the same ambivalence as the Green Man of the Arthurian Cycle. This “hairy man with a belt” is a creature of the wilderness who is sufficiently in touch with the power behind Nature’s veil that he can induce flowing water to take on an electromagnetic charge that will call down lightning from heaven. Paradoxically, he also is the one who slays the assembled priests of Baal, ostensibly for their idolatry but actually because their dirty tricks have subverted the covenant (social contract) that was intended to regulate the relation of Israelite royalty to the people they ruled.
          It is this willingness to dethrone foreign intelligence operatives, as well as this commitment to defending the common people from being cheated through perversion of the social contract, that delineates the outline of the green cloak that was handed down by Elijah and which finally settled on the shoulders of Pancho Villa. But our Green Man also embodies a paradoxical element, which has coexisted with Elijah ever since the Great Israelite took shelter in his cave at the foot of Mt. Carmel.
This Must Be the Mount of the Ages
          There once was a much older “hairy man” who frequented the caves beneath Mt. Carmel. He is so old that there is even a debate over whether he should properly be called “Man,” or whether he was merely a stopover on the pathway to modern humanity. Nevertheless the first evidence of religious practice has been found together with the bones of this Neanderthal Race. Existent scriptures are silent on whether or not Elijah ever conversed with the shades of these earliest bearers of the torch of religious faith.
          Looking down on Mt Carmel from a flying saucer some 60,000 feet up in the air, we notice terraced gardens that seem to have been designed as a beacon for incoming space travelers.
          When these aliens choose to enter the Real Dimensions in the vicinity of a planet with an atmosphere, their Greater Vehicle must be programmed to grow an outer shell which shall insulate it from atmospheric friction, and the occasional impacts of micrometeors and other space debris as well. But although the lower part of the spacecraft is not really a window, the illusion of a glass bottom is generated by a screen in the bottom of the observation gallery which recreates the scenery below from signals relayed up from cameras in the bottom of the shell.
          The holographic space that occupies a sort of pit in the center is separated from the viewing deck by a robust bronze rail. We who have been teleported up from Roswell, along with 5 or 6 Alien guides, are standing with our hands clenched on the rail as we look down on the gardens below.
          On the northern brow of this mountain, in the middle of these terraced gardens, a golden dome rises in splendor. Seen from above, this dome is not on the highest point of the gardens – but the slope beyond it becomes much more gradual so that, when seen from the harbor below, the bright golden dome appears to be crowning the mountain. The design of the terraced gardens surrounding it seems to be calculated to reassure observers from other planets that intelligent life is beginning to prevail on our own.
          The town below, which was first settled in the days of the the Phoenicians, looks out across the bay to a suburb that is even older, which has has grown up around the promontory that was fortified by the Crusaders, and the Greeks and Romans before them.
The Crusaders’ Citadel
          The earliest remains of human habitation at Acre, at the northern end of the bay, date from the middle of the 4th millennium B.C. During Greco-Roman times it had been renamed Ptolemais, no doubt by the Greek ruler of Hellenistic Egypt. When the Crusaders captured the citadel they renamed the town St. Jean of Acre, after John the Baptist, the patron saint of the Knights Hospitallers. Perhaps that was fortuitous because, while there is no evidence that John the Baptist ever visited Mt. Carmel, he is regarded in the Gospels as a recurrence of the Prophetic Station of Elijah.
          The Crusading Knights had come here not only to gain Christian Grace and the status of having been a pilgrim, but also with the intent of carving out a sacred and lucrative kingdom. Since these ambitions led to a considerable degree of friction between themselves and the Saracens, these knights enclosed most of the town in formidable fortifications. The citadel was razed to the ground by the Egyptians but later rebuilt by the Turks. After the brief round of excitement provided by the incursion of Napoleon, it became the pestilent prison to which the Ottomans banished their social dissidents.
          Among us on the observation deck is a tall and beautiful woman with flaming red hair. She has developed a telepathic rapport with the Aliens, and they seem to prefer to use her as their mouthpiece as they declare their intentions to us.
          “As you can see,” the orange haired lady declares, “some of the more progressive minded visionaries of Earth are beginning to develop a consciousness of themselves as part of a higher and greater universe. Unfortunately too many of the rest of their species are still clinging to outmoded passions and prejudices which they should have left behind in the Neanderthal caves.
          “As you may gather from the abduction of Elijah, we Aliens have been watching you humans develop for a very long time, and the omens which we have observed have not been very propitious. We have noted that it has been gratifying to your prejudices when we have reached down from what you called heaven to zap some really notorious villain – the way, for example, that we had to handle Sodom and Gomorrah. We have also noted that these traditions of so-called Divine Intervention in your Books have kept you back from accepting your own responsibility for curbing the abusive patterns in your own environment.
           “It is time for you Earthlings to grow up, and to recognize that the God that you claim to worship shall only be satisfied when all of the Earthlings begin to resonate on the same frequency. You people do not understand how much you are like the Aztecs, who recognized the Prophet Quetzalcoatl, but who offered both their taxes and their social devotion to Huitzilopoctli, the War-God who roasts human hearts.”

Comes Now the Devil, with Foreclosure Writ
Society owes an outstanding debt to the Devil, so Mr. Devil comes now to foreclose.
What shall become of the Earth?
He’s taxed us to death for his wars
Now he comes for the real estate.
Those who should be defending democracy
Are instead buying pizzas for little ones they have made stumble.
Mr. Big Lie rides his High Horse once again
And our religious leaders are silent
Because those religious leaders also are craving
A slice of the pizza that shall become a millstone
Which shall be tied around their necks
So that the little children can be safe.

We unpack our suitcases
Arriving by rail, lodging in hotel rooms.
We are racing against the extinction of our own health,
But the Earth is being repossessed,
And none of the rationalizations
Offered by those reputed to be in control
Can be accepted as answers
By the Sphinx who has enthroned herself up there on the Hill.
We search for deliverance, while all about us
We see the world becoming possessed
By ancient and angry Aztec Gods of Death,
Whom foolish leaders imagine they can exorcize
By delivering all of the Mexicans south of a wall they are building.

There is a need for negotiation
But there can be no negotiation
Until there is a mutual agreement
On what is defined as “Good Faith.”

1, Lusitania picture: Bundesarchiv, DVM 10 Bild-23-61-17 / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons
2. “Sailing to Byzantium” was first published in 1928.
3. The presence of Siyyids (descendants of Muhammad) in Spain gives us reason to consider another interpretation of the Medieval legend of the Green Knight. The Green Man has always been lurking in the European forests – but we must also remember that it was the exclusive prerogative of the Siyyid to wear a green turban. Note also, in Jeffrey John Dixon, Gawain and the Grail Quest (Edinburgh, Floris Books, 2012) the identification of the Green Knight with Elijah, and also with the Qoranic Khidr.

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Another Old Soldier Has Faded

Another Old Soldier Has Faded

Nov. 25, 2016 – Fidel Castro is dead
    This evening, over Havana State Television, Raoul Castro announced the death of his brother. No details were given, but for the past several years Fidel  has been a fading soldier.
    But Fidel Castro is the sort of Old Soldier who shall fade into a butterfly. Since the Dialectic has increased the acceptance of Earth-Peoples’ medicine cults, the Cuban people have been looking for new saints. We should wonder whether the sod shall have time to settle properly over the Old Soldiers’ grave before St. Fidel begins to take his place beside St. Che. They shall become the photographs that sit in gilded frames upon the altars where voodoo candles are burned.
    Perhaps we shall need new saints to lead us to the New Civilization. After all, when we were struggling through the Piscean trenches, we discovered that the Old Gods had betrayed us.
    It is no doubt in this way, through the private devotion of the people, that the new civilization shall take form. The old civilization has become a machine without a ghost to move it. As a result, it has become, like the bulldozer which killed Rachel Corrie, an oversized mechanism controlled by a small clique of men who are indifferent to the effect that their actions will have on the world in the long run. Meanwhile the children who grow up will be the ones who have survived because they have become street-wise. They shall grow up mistrusting the old saints and the old gods, because they can see the ways that the Old World Order these Gods have sustained has betrayed them.
    “Our problem,” intrudes Renata, “is that we have been brought up in a system that has got everything reversed. Therefore we think we must create a new civilization, but really, when we look through a window of Higher Reality, we discover that this new civilization has already been created, through the fiat of the spirit. The problem, the thing that shakes us all up, is that we grow up thinking that what we have been taught in school is civilization. We feel the stirring of something new but we cannot trust it, because the jealousy of the old civilization is holding us in thrall.”

How the Franks Secularized the Qoran

    “I must confess for myself,” laments Renata, “that for a long time I was so enamored of Western Civilization that the Indian within me had become mummified. Then I began to remember my days in Arago, the very soil that gave birth to this much vaunted civilization. When I was there I could see, that just as the Spaniards built their churches over our sacred places whenever they could, so in Arago, there is often a Moorish foundation beneath the cathedral.1
    “As I investigated I came to realize, our Western Civilization is really a secularization of the teachings that are found in the Qoran. The frostbite of fanaticism has nipped the growth of these teachings in the Islamic homeland, whereas secularism gives every philosophy an opportunity, and enables the triumph of those philosophies which are the soundest.
    “Nevertheless, at the very moment of its foundation, Western Civilization was alienated from its roots. They even turned their Jesus into a blond haired Visigoth, even though the historical Easeua looked like an Egyptian and spoke a northwestern dialect of Arabic. But now that I am in touch with my Indian heritage I can be free of all that. I can leave the debate between los moros y los cristianos behind, now that I have discovered that we Natives had our own prophetic traditions, that give us advice that is much more in tune with the truths that we need if we are to return from the dead.”
    “It is likely,” observes Thieu, “that the liberation of individualized spirituality, which recognizes the sacred in those things that give life to the earth, and to ourselves, may in the end be seen as the highest accomplishment of the Cuban Revolution. It is even possible that in a future version of the Cuban Santa Maria, St. Fidel shall be the son of Santa Barbara, while St. Che becomes one of the faces of the Crossroads God. But in the meantime, each of us must strive to approach the enlightenment of the Buddha, because it is only when we are striving for enlightenment that the inclination towards virtue has any resiliance.”
    “How does one create a civilization? That might be a very nice mantra,” Ananda smiles. “That is the secret of the Buddha. It seems rather strange to reflect, that when Americans were living in the fool’s paradise of the ‘50's, the poets who were in touch with the spirit could only sing of despair, and of the meaninglesness of the times. Surely this would not have been the case, had the essential spirit of the ‘50's not been betraying the core values that must be adhered to if we are to have sustainable growth.”
    “So now that things are collapsing about us,” shrugs Thieu, “we should have happier visions, and arts that shall teach us to sing a happier tune? That is so absurd that I believe it.”

notes: (1)
The Moorish foundations of Western Civilization are examined in Henri Briffault, The Troubadours, 1948.
(2)  Illustration: By Jacquelinekato (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Turning Off the Robot

Turning Off the Robot
Mar 27, 2016
“It is possible to turn off the Robot,” advances Anandai. “He may have been programmed to carry a message from the Star-Lords, but he was made in a Japanese factory, and he can be turned on and off by anyone who is acquainted with the fundamentals of Japanese nano-technology.
I, on the other hand, am the Serpent who guards the Tree of Life. Under the influence of the state of consciousness my venom arouses within you, the fruit of the Tree of Life becomes transformed to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.
I gained this power because, even when I was a child, the flesh on the rear of my hips became excessively familiar with a cruel serpent. That serpent was a big black belt which only came to life in order to leave the impression of the buckle on my tender skin. It got even worse as I developed into an attractive and rebellious teenager. I came to remember the few days when I did not get whipped as very good days indeed.
The recurrence of that big whipping that would overwhelm all of my feelings was one of the few things I could count on, and the fear had a hypnotic effect. Indeed, I can say that the need for another whipping came alive within me, almost as if the moral code had inserted a little robot in my tailbone that would cause my poor bare derriere to once more become the target of a sadistic beating.
I believe that in modern psychology this sort of intrusive robot has a descriptive name. It is called a Super-Ego. The Super-Ego is put there to punish us, whenever it feels that we are stepping over the line. The problem is that, for the most part, the Super Ego has been programmed by so-called authorities who lived long ago, and whose voices are difficult to correct. I, for one, have now accepted that it is my destiny to keep getting whipped, because the whippings awaken my understanding of which voices cannot be trusted.

You still haven’t answered my question. What do you think when you hear me pronounce the phrase, “Moral Communism?”
If you are to diagnose and treat the present collective malady, shall it not be necessary to examine the abortive experiments of the 20th Century, so that you can learn from them? Does not your perplexity in this regard come about because you persist in perceiving bourgeoisie oligarchy and the committee despotism of the revolutionary proletariats as opposing systems. But in either condition, a conspiracy has succeeded in hijacking the governance of the whole on false pretenses..
So should you not have the sense to realize, that both of these conditions are symptoms of a disintegrating society? Have not both states come about because the cultural vanguard either failed or was prevented from providing the people with real moral leadership and a sence of collective purpose?

Priestess in Ionic Chiton
The sun gives off light, but the clouds diffuse that sunlight.
The Goddess has returned from the Underworld, but no one can see her face.
You say that you believe in Liberation –
Why is it then, you’re working us to death?
Can it be that the right to build a culture
Needs to be won through a war?
To win we have got to defend
The beaten, the bedraggled, the ones nobody wants
The ones who shall rise with The Goddess
Because they’ve been cursed by the Gods.

There is a lesson the Russian people now are beginning to learn. Right now they are being batted back and forth between the old-line Communists and that party of former Communists who went capitalist after they found out that they could make money.
Both the Communists and the Capitalists imagine that one can assert cultural leadership through control of, for example, the media outlets and the press. This is a dangerous illusion. This sort of censorship simply results in a situation within which the People have become blind to their own visions. Nevertheless, even though they have been blinded, they shall still struggle towards the direction in which they believe the vision to lie.
The true cultural leadership of Russia today shall come from the great grandchildren of those whom the Stalinist Soviet tried to crush through imprisonment or exile. It has always been the Martyrs who have been most dear to the heart and soul of Mother Russia, and it shall be to the children of yesterday’s martyrs, to whom Mother Russia must turn in her time of trial.

Olyantay the Inca Prince
How shall you ever succeed
In negotiating for the People
Unless you have a cultural perspective
To bring to the bargaining table?

Moral Communism is the logical next step after you have discovered that the State has stolen its powers.
Moral Communism is a thing set apart from such things as universal health care or universal education. Communist nations tend to score highly here, but the surviving socialist monarchies of Europe seem to be doing even better.
To digress for a moment, the success of these socialist monarchies would tend to suggest a new perspective. Their success has been due to a successful balancing of class interests, to such a degree that innovation and cultue building were encouraged while crude greed was regulated and taxed. But unfortunately, as the means of production and the resources of the world become integrated into trans-national meta-systems, the need arises for new patterns of checks and balances.

Hermes Trismagistuis
Remember that a Revolution
Is only the initial stage
In the process of social transmutation.

Priestess in Ionic Chiton
Before we go slaying the King and Queen
Let us bind up and interrogate
The Old Super-Ego
Because he is always betraying us
To the Colonialist State.
I remember all too well how he got me:
Spare the rod and spoil the child,”
The missionaries taught all our mothers.
I remember that snake all too well:
Bending over, being hurt too much,
Learning to frame my life between episodes of chastisement:
This is how a Super-Ego is programmed.
Between pain that one cannot endure and the near certainty
The thrashing will come back tomorrow
The Reptile within the spine becomes awakened,
And programmed like a robot to bite us
Whenever we get out of line.

The Amazonian Tribes
When did this great Super-Ego who, in his various aspects, dictates the conscience of Europe, ever raise a significant concern about the fact that we are being threatened with extinction?

i Aside from actual historical characters, individuals mentioned in this blog are not actual persons, but rather characterizations representing sub-types of the intellectual species.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Reason for Lent: Part 2

The Books of St. Paul's Jihad

Mar. 6, 2016
      “According to St. Paul’s manual of arms,” Thieu impresses upon me, “we fight not flesh and blood, but Powers and Principalities -- the hosts of a Quipothic realm.
      “In fact – forgive me for my impertinence, but I have a feeling that Henry Demonford is speaking through me. He is telling me that these Powers and Principalities, which we call nations, cartels, and corporations, are truly great demons who thrive by driving us to commit those boundary violations through which our sense of humanity becomes humiliated and debased.
      “Does not your Christian Augustine inform us, that most of the Gods who were worshiped by the pagan Romans were once men or women who gained such renown that, just like Henry here, they came to represent the same virtues for which they came to be remembered? And in the same way, were not these corporations which have become the godlike demons of our modern world, once simply the idea of a person or a small group of persons, whose bodies have now become ashes and wormfood, but whose economic engine has attained to a state of virtual immortality?
      “There is one thing more, I feel that Henry wishes to remind me of the reason for the season. Lent is a time to remember those who did not survive the winter. In the olden days, when social services such as we have now were non-existent it was more common – but even now, there are many who find the dark days oppressive and the rigors of the winter too extreme. And so even now, we shall find reason to pause in remembrance of those who did not live through the winter.
      “But now I feel, that Henry is admonishing me. He is telling me that we should not mourn them – it is far more accurate to say that they mourn us, because they see us committing the same mistakes of which they have now repented. They want to be remembered, not because they still need us but rather, because when we remember them, they shall be able to lead us, so that we can be more free and can avoid some of the pitfalls which they fell into when they were alive on this earth.”

The Architecture of Belief

Are we not in the suburbs of St. Augustine’s City? When we look about us, do we not perceive the architecture of both Heaven and Hell? Heaven perceives in outworn Gods, a mirror of those sicknesses which have corrupted the people. But then, instead of chaining these demons in ways that compel them to heal their victims, the architecture of Hell shall force the soul to wear the concrete boots of dogma, and thus imprison the new vision in a prison of unyielding stone.
      Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Here is an ideological superstructure designed to impede progress and confine your spiritual experience to the world of names and attributes only.
      Religions have been born from the dreams of those whose flesh has now become ashes and wormfood. It is said that their souls have ascended into the empyrean Realm, and they are therefore called Malakutis.
      We contemplate the architecture of Hell. Hell is rooted in the flames of our rebellion, those flags of treason raised by our own jealousy against our Creator. We are empowered to represent God, as servants of the Creative Will. But unfortunately, the Brother who’s drunk on Crude Oil cannot be satisfied with the role of a servant.
      Those who are drunken on Wormwood shall try with all their might and main, to construct an ideological or economic machine which can become everyone’s master, and walk like a God on the earth.
      We have seen how, on account of the reluctance of normal men to rob the sanctuaries, the temples of the Old Gods have become the centres of the banking system. The Old Gods of Rome became imprisoned with the golden ingots stored within the sanctified vaults of their temples. Men of discernment had long ago lost faith in these Gods. But the Old Faith could not be allowed to die, because if the temples of the Old Gods became deserted, the banking system also would collapse.

The Reason for Lent

March 6, 2016
      It used to be said that the Sun never sets on the British Empire. Today, that Empire has been humbled and transformed into a Commonwealth. While that Commonwealth has been struggling to acknowledge its debt to non-European sources, the great ideal of a world that would be governed by Fair Play has been replaced by a Chaosium in which strange things fall from the clouds and winged mechanical drones home in from the skies to kill people who are celebrating their weddings.
      The day is sunny and on the lower elevations, wildflowers are beginning to blossom. Nevertheless, at these higher altitudes, patches and even expanses of snow remain on the ground.
      Thieu and I are driving out to place flowers on the memorial to Henry Demonford which has been erected over his grave.
      All about the cemetery, it is snowy. It is only the naked stones that rise up to proclaim that here lie creatures who once used to be called human beings. These stones, indeed, proclaim the destined end of all our mortal striving.
      The chill and melancholy wind reminds us that there was nevertheless a profound rationale driving the aspirations of those of us who came to maturity during those fateful years of the 20th Century. The chill that hangs in the atmosphere today reminds us that if we committed ourselves to act in foolish ways, there was nevertheless a purity of motive which is today becoming increasingly obscured under the residues of post-traumatic compulsions.
      There was a time, only a few decades ago, when most of us had great hopes. We saw, quite briefly, a vision of the sun – but then the world became tormented by the spectre of a cruel shadow which is eager to impose compulsions, and which is intent on the extermination of any cultural influence which questions the all too superficial dogmas of its self-appointed leaders.
      We, who had wanted to believe that the women among us were sweet angels, whose breasts swelled only with the milk of human kindness, were to learn that this is not true either. Weary of suffering for our causes, these women began to make little deals with the Other Side. As we discovered, the Cruel God whom we had allowed to claim Heaven had left a cruel shadow here on earth.
      That cruel shadow took the form of an economic incentive which pitted men and women against each other on the stage of a Theater of Cruelty. Nevertheless, I did not have the sense to save my life, and found myself falling in love with these women.

The Ground About the Tomb

Henry’s tomb is marked by an angel who is pouring out an amphora. At the angel’s feet, a plaque is inscribed:

It’s not the power of guns and bombs
But the grace which can heal the wounded heart Which shall finally conquer all

    Thieu and I leave flowers on the grave, and say a little prayer for the departed. And I find myself wondering why it is only we, the old soldiers who have managed to keep none of the commandments, who can see through the web of deception the social neurosis has woven.
      Can it be that our whole society is highballing down the main line to Satanhood, and that one can only recognize this after one has made a personal decision to leap from the train that is carrying everyone down to destruction?
      I now begin to understand, just why the sickness of the world is so distressing. The choice between heaven and hell belongs to those of us who have died and returned to the earth. When first we grasped this truth, we strove with might and mein to move the world. We pledged ourselves eternally to some social ideal, even though we remained in denial concerning the hubris and the power-lust which hide beneath the cross of the Crusader.
        In the world of Eternal Recurrence, Lancelot falls once again from his horse. He grasps then what it was he loved and then betrayed. He's looked up into heaven, seen Valkyries descending. In polite society, he'll speak of them as angels. He begs them for mercy, forgiveness and healing; they remain in heaven, teasing him all the way as he hobbles along into town. From the depths of his heart he cries out. If it he could renounce everything, would angels please release him from this world?
      And the Valkyries laugh. "You ask us why your world is chiseled from the essence of pain? You ask us why your love has been unwise? Look then to find a lady writhing on a stake. And the man who has judged she should burn -- he thought he had self-mastery, but why this fatal flaw? Return to the world in our service -- redeem her from this jealousy which turns every prophecy false."
      He rides then into town, beholds the lady burning as a witch. It's then he knows the cause of foolish love. We love, because the pain of love sustains the soul against all baser fires. And the soul rapine has shattered may only survive by throwing itself to the flame.

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